Light and Alive

Through the Night

wave by Jakalois

Sweat your remixed classical prayers

Sweat your remixed classical prayers, December 2022 – 60 min wave


Moonlight, November 2022, 60 min wave

Hijo del Sol, Hija de la Tierra

hijo del sol, hija de la tierra, October 2022, 61 min wave

Eagle Brother

Eagle Brother, October 2022, 63 min wave

move, move on, keep on moving

move on by jakalois 5 Rhythms wave
Move, move on, keep on moving, September 2022; 37 min wave

Slow Rise

5 Rhythms Wave 40 min
Slow Rise, September 2022; 40 min Wave

Deseo, con brio !

Deseo, con Brio ! September 2022

Intertwined, Interlaced, Connected

5Rhythms Wave
Intertwined, Interlaced, Connected; August 2022

Catch Your Dreams

Catch your Dreams July 2022

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